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AccesSportAmerica's objectives for their new website included having a clean, mobile-friendly design with eye-catching images and, above all, a more user-friendly interface. Because AccesSportAmerica had a well established brand identity, they wanted to incorporate their current logo and colors from their old website into the new website for consistent branding. 

Our Boston web designers were able to combine those elements with a fresh, attractive new responsive template to highlight the amazing programs that the organization offers. 

Some of the key features of their new website include:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly navigation
  • Reverse text option for enhanced visibility for individuals with special needs
  • Large, eye-catching images to highlight programs
  • Responsive design for easy viewing across all devices
  • Custom forms for programs/donation options
  • Photo and video galleries to enhance the user experience
  • Blog and news feeds on the home page 
  • Much more!