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The eRoom plug-in for IE9--it can work. Or can it?

Bill Germino
Thursday, December 08, 2011

I'm tossing this to readers without full testing in hopes of getting some feedback.  While browsing EMC Support Forums, I came across a post that said the eRoom plug-in would work with IE9, despite that EMC claims it's not compatible.   I've been avoiding IE9 for that reason, preferring IE to other browsers for eRoom usage.  But with clients requesting the plug-in for IE9, I decided to test it myself, following the instructions in the forum.  Lo and behold it worked!  I now have a machine running the eRoom plug-in on IE9.  Start spreading the News!

But wait.  Not so fast.  A few weeks after this revelation I decided to make the move on my primary desktop computer to IE9.  After the upgrading the browser, I installed the eRoom client and guess what?  No plug-in!  Will not work with it!  Ouch.  So I go back to forums and to be sure I followed the instructions properly, but I can no longer find the post that had the secret sauce.  I searched every variation of IE9 I could think of---no luck. Had I thought the post would disappear, I would have copied it.   I recall it being something very straightforward, even intuitive, such as uninstall the plug-in, upgrade to IE9, reinstall the plug-in from an executable file on your desktop (as opposed to getting prompted).  But whatever it was, I could not recreated it on my main desktop machine, so unless I revert back to IE8 I will just use FireFox 3.6 for eRoom work.

For the record, I do have a question pending in the forums asking if someone knows about IE9 workarounds and where that previous post may be hiding.  But if there are any other savvy users who can chime in with a story of success or failure with IE9 and the plug-in, you'll be helping many.