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Routing Buttons in eRoom are handy for niche uses

Bill Germino
Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Anyone know what routing buttons are?  They are a bit of a "legacy feature," but nonetheless can serve a useful purpose.  Basically, routing buttons automate content moving, like using a button for drag and drop.  You set up buttons on folders (only) and "program" them to move selected content--usually a file--to another folder.  A common example of this is to create an Archive folder in your eRoom, then set up routing buttons on various folders to move files there.

Let's say you have an old version of a Scope document that you no longer want getting confused with the newer one that is now incorporated into a combined Project Summary document.  Simply click the check box next to Scope.doc and click the routing button "Archive" and voila! The document is moved!  Nice thing is you don't have to expand folders like you would performing a manual drag and drop.

When combined with Notifications, it can actually provide a workflow-type process that does not have to be linear like a database workflow.  Experiment with it.  You'll find it as an option on folder settings.  You can even restrict which users can use the button.  It's somewhat cool in that you can change the look of the menu commands on the folder.  As a best practice, I recommend making the name of the button in all CAPS, and preceding it with two greater-than signs ">>", this gives a sense of movement and helps the command to stand out on the folder.