Reputation Management; Beyond Damage Control

Word of Mouth Recommendations and Customer Referrals are more important than any other marketing that you do. Reputation Management is, therefore, a big part of all of your online activity. A full 70% of consumer decisions are directly influenced by family & friends. B2B purchasing decisions may be even more strongly influenced by professional contacts, colleagues and friends at work.

Online Reputation Management has become increasingly important because the influence of consumers and customers on the brands they purchase and the companies they patronize has increased exponentially. Beyond Facebook, dozens of online business review and local search sites need to be accurately filled out and maintained. Each of them offers opportunity – and risk.

Any negative comment or review needs to be dealt with professionally, quickly and effectively.

Reputation Management is vital whether you’re trying to effectively deal with a few unhappy reviewers, or you’re trying to build a solid referral network. The results of an effective Reputation Management program will minimize the impact of negativity that your company encounters and it will pay off with better word-of-mouth, testimonials and customer reviews.

OpenVine undertakes a comprehensive and methodical Reputation Management strategy that includes all of the following, but these tips will work for anyone struggling with online reputation management.

Rapid Response Email Alerts

Don’t wait for bad news to come to you. Reputation Management begins with constantly monitoring your name, brand and reputation, on all of the review sites and anywhere on the web. Simple, effective email alerts allow you to see and react the moment anything is said about you online. Thanking folks for mentioning you is also an important part of Reputation Management.

Two Way Communications Work, Faster

Your company profile on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are there so that you can maintain continual contact with your public. Damage control can’t happen on a page that only reacts to the negative. In this sense, Reputation Management begins well before that one dissatisfied customer comes along, and minimizes their impact should they show up.
Soliciting Reviews from customers is almost never a bad thing, but it works better in the context of a conversation, and again, maintaining a good reputation means being there, being proactive and being interested in your customers. OpenVine’s Social Media experience can quickly build your reputation so that you’re ready for even the meanest customers.

Know the Players in Your Corner

Online Forums and Email NewsGroups are the precursor of today’s social media, and they’re still a ripe breeding ground for brand bashing and venting frustration. They’re also the perfect place to rapidly deal with unhappy customers and to display exactly how you handle complaints. Our Reputation Management team can be in there quickly, and provide you with your own usernames and passwords so that your Reputation Management can continue well into the future.

Importantly, popular bloggers and other online personalities can be perceived as industry leaders, even in your industry. Establish and maintain relationships with them and make sure that they know who you are. In many cases, just knowing that you’re active on behalf of your own brand or company will improve your position in a good blogger’s eyes. That’s real Reputation Management. When some other point of view comes along, it’s important to already have a reputation.

A Proactive Presence Reduces the Need for Damage Control


Don’t forget. A few good reviews or comments will quickly bump down and dampen the negative effect of that shrill unhappy camper. Getting them off of the first page of reviews usually takes just a few days. Unfortunately, when it happens, it’s often the first time that many business owners consider the importance of Reputation Management.
Your own Reputation Management begins with making it obvious to every reader who sees a negative review that you’re already proactive and that you respond quickly and effectively to make sure every customer is satisfied.

Proactive Online Reputation Management pays off in the significant word-of-mouth and customer referral business that you can realize for a fraction of what you might pay for traditional marketing and advertising. The rewards are simply too substantial to pass up.
Remember, on average a Facebook user shares everything they do with 130 friends, family and acquaintances. OpenVine can help you to meet more and more of them, and to better manage your reputation in a context that really pays off for your business.