Mobile Websites: do you need one?

Mobile websites allow you to deliver content to mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Many mobile devices have Internet browsers that allow you to view a site just like a desktop monitor, only smaller.  For some site, that might be acceptable, but you force your visitor to do a lot of zooming and panning to read pages.  A "mobile-ready" site is one that re-formats the content when a mobile device is detected.  It's much developing a website for a really small screen-size, only you don't have to develop and entirely new set of content. 

With the advent of "HTML5", the latest in browser technology, we can create dynamic sites that are more mobile-friendly than the previous versions of HTML.  A "responsive" website, based on a grid system, automatically resizes based on the browser screen size.  That's different than resizing based on the type of device being used---it's even more, well, responsive, because the device no longer matters, just the screen size.  If you have ever come across a website that was wider than your screen, you would see a *horizontal* scrollbar.  With a responsive site, that won't happen.  Instead, the screen will just resize itself, whether you're on a desktop browser or mobile browser.  Very cool!  

But even so, every company should ask if a mobile site is something they really need.  OpenVine can help you determine which tactical approach is best for your company when it comes to mobile websites.  What percentage of current visitors on your current site use a mobile device?  You may have access to this information now but don't know it.  Is your business likely to have mobile visitors from customers, partners, your own sales team?  All of these factors are important is developing mobile websites.  OpenVine will help determine what you need, design it, and build it. Contact Us to learn more.