eRoom Hosting—High Performing,
Reliable, and Secure


OpenVine Solutions, Inc., provides a professional hosting service for EMC’s web-based collaboration software, eRoom.  We act like your IT department and hosting center for eRoom software. You purchase the software licenses from EMC (and we can help with this as needed). We take care of the rest. That means you own the licenses. We provide you with excellence in eRoom administration, support, and a strong track record of solid eRoom hosting. Contact us for pricing.The delivery of this service is done in partnership with 8x8 Dedicated Hosting, an industry leader in enterprise application hosting.  OpenVine selected 8x8 because of its commitment to customer service, security provisions, and network stability and performance.

Network Performance

8x8 has engineered one of the fastest and most reliable networks in the world. It has multiple data centers, each with multiple Internet transit providers, including the Tier 1 carriers: Level(3), Global Crossing, and Cogent Communications. eroom-hosting-data-centerIts network has a performance-optimized blend of over 300,000 routes of paid transit. They examine reachability to Internet service providers across the globe and bias the routing to send traffic through the best available path. This results in a network infrastructure that provides low latency and high speed content downloads to broadband users worldwide. In addition to the paid transit, 8x8 uses over 34,000 routes of direct peering, receiving peer routes from a variety of content delivery network (CDN) providers such as Limelight and Akamai as well as large Asia Pacific carriers such as Singtel, China Unicom and Bharti Airtel Limited.

Network Reliability

All of the equipment is attached to large scale uninterruptible power sources to maintain system availability during a power disaster. Automatic transfer switches transparently move loads from grid power to diesel generators keeping the network and servers online during power failures. At all times, power is fed through a battery-based UPS system to ensure continuity during a transfer event, as well transient filtering and surge suppression for equipment longevity.

Data Center Infrastructure

Cooling. DataAire optimal ambient temperature / humidity climate-controlled environment IncludedFire Control. Smoke/Heat fire detection with pre-action chemical dry-pipe fire suppression Included
Building. Concrete reinforced super structure with Zone 4 seismic bracing standards
Certifications. PCI compliant. SAS-70 compliant.

Data Center Security 

  • 24/7/365 physical security with human presence plus archived video surveillance Included
  • Photo ID, Key-Card and Biometrics scan security access control
  • Server farm secured in steel cage pods with servers in locked rack cabinets

Application Security

User Names and Passwords. To access the eRoom environment, a valid username and password must be entered.  Passwords are encrypted and self-selected, and must be at least 8 characters long and "complex." Repeated attempts to access a user account will lock it, and requires an administrator to reactivate it. 

Object-level Access Control. Within the eRoom software, the function called Access Control governs the rights of access and editing on every object in the eRoom.  A document, for example, can be set so that only some members of the eRoom can see it, and others can edit it.
Encryption of Transmitted Data via SSL. Data transmitted between the server and the user's machine is encrypted using secure sockets layer (SSL).
File Encryption. eRoom uses FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards ) 140 compliant encryption modules within the eRoom server.  Documents and files stored in eRoom reside physically on the eRoom File Server, which employs Windows Encrypted File System (EFS).  
Backup procedures.  We perform automated weekly full backups and nightly incremental backups of all eRoom data.

eRoom is registered trademark of EMC.