EMC Documentum eRoom for your enterprise collaboration needs

eRoom is one of the leading web-based collaboration software products on the market.  It is one of the few such products that's enterprise-scalable and built from the ground up for the sole purpose of providing a "digital workspace."  If you've never used such a product, it's worth checking out.  Think of it as a virtual meeting space on the web, where teams can work on projects, collaborate on common initiatives, and share resources and ideas.

eRoom has features that allow users to store files, have online threaded discussions, make decisions through user voting, set automatic versioning on documents, have a live chat, and store loads of data with a built-in, robust database tool.  In addition, you can set all kinds of security, get e-mail messages of what's happening in the eRoom, set up approval and other workflow processes, and easily manage users, all without needing help from your IT staff.  And remember, this is completely web-based, so an Internet connection and browser is all that's required to take part in the eRoom, which is especially useful for workers that are dispersed geographically.

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