A passion for eRoom and collaboration

eRoom was first created in 1997 by a company called Instinctive Technologies in Cambridge, MA. OpenVine founder, Bill Germino, worked for Instinctive in the early days when eRoom was just burgeoning in the market (Instinctive subsequently became eRoom Technologies, which was acquired by Documentum and then EMC). Bill worked directly with clients and was pioneering best practices in the new software market of online collaboration.  He designed innovative eRooms to meet the business needs he was encountering and these ideas spread into many different customer deployments.

Expertise in eRoom Consulting, eRoom Training, and eRoom Design

OpenVine is dedicated to working with our customers to provide comprehensive collaboration solutions and deployment practices across all facets of your organization, that will improve your ability to compete more effectively in today’s global economy. OpenVine consultants work with you to provide solutions that:

  • Improve eRoom usage and deployment across your organization
  • Improve management and oversight of complex, multi-step processes
  • Improve communication for globally distributed project teams and suppliers
  • Enable faster, more accurate information sharing with suppliers, partners, distributors, and most importantly, your key customers.
  • Improve sales, product quality and lower development and manufacturing costs

OpenVine consultants are eRoom collaboration experts. Averaging 7+ years of direct eRoom consulting experience, our consultants have the broad level of eRoomexpertisenecessary to provide innovative and proven collaboration solutions within the High-Tech, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense, Education, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Publishing, Finance, and Telecom industries.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the most out of eRoom. Whether you want to improve R&D, PDM, marketing, partner / distributor management, financial compliance, supplier / supply chain management, global communications, or just improve your overall eRoom deployment practices, Open Vine has the expertise to help you utilize collaboration to improve productivity in today’s complex, distributed organizations.

No solution can be successful however unless the infrastructure exists to support it. Open Vine consultants have the expertise to ensure your success over the long term by providing advanced deployment and training services. Whether you currently have eRoom deployed across your organization, or are in the process of deploying it, OpenVine consultants have the experience to analyze and provide the most effective deployment practices for your organization. With our deployment evaluation, recommendation, and implementation services you’ll know your organization is adopting and using eRoom effectively

OpenVine backs these services up with basic through advanced eRoom training to ensure your organization’s success. Whether its end user, advanced implementation, Community or Site Administrator, or internal deployment support training, OpenVine is your eRoom partner.

OpenVine is ready and able to work with you and your organization OpenVine’s extensive eRoomconsulting expertise puts us in a unique position to provide your organization with the solutions and services that will provide you with the most effective and productivity enhancing collaboration solutions available, enabling you to take your eRoom collaboration investment to the next level.