eRoom Design―customizing eRooms for your business process

eRoom template design is our forte.  The process involves working with a group or individual to design an eRoom for a specific business process.  For example, one company formed an enterprise-wide Technology Exploration team to research and recommend technologies for the company.  Working with eight team members, we designed and built an eRoom that tracked each technology, allowed for discussions and voting, provided contact information, managed their meeting information, stored review documents, and provided useful links to web resources.  It was a huge success and time saver for team members!

We have dozens of real-world examples and best practices to help in this process, including some very creative ways of using eRoom.  This service, in our view, is the highest value you can add to your eRoom deployment, because it completely customizes this collaboration tool for your needs. 

eRoom Template Design Service

Audience Business Groups or Individuals, Pilot Teams
Format Consultant-led with some Hands-on work
Length 2 days
Capacity Varies depending on group, but no more than 12
Prerequisites Identification of a specific business process for which eRoom will be customized


The eRoom Template Design session involves working with a group or individual to design an eRoom for a specific business process.  Prior to the session, we work with you to determine your needs, who needs to be present for the session, and schedule the date(s).  Typically, the people that need to be present are the ones who best understand the business process.  Here are the primary steps involved:

  1. eRoom overview. If the users are new to eRoom, we begin with a 2-3hour overview of it.  If not, we go right to the next step.

  2. Collect information on the business process.  This may involve flowcharting, diagrams, reviewing existing documents, and anything else to gain a common understanding of how things work and what your needs are.

  3. Design a rough structure of eRoom.  All first and possible second tier folders are in place.  Some workflow may be started at this point.

  4. Fine-tune and polish.  This steps involves adding instructions, links, graphics, and other navigational elements, as well as ordering items, completing databases and workflows, and any other items needed to get it ready for use.

  5. Review and refine as needed (optional).  May bring in next tier of users for this.

Please note that no two sessions of eRoom Design ever go the same.  We're very adaptable and work with the resources at hand.  We follow the above process to ensure your objectives are met, but we tailor each step according to your situation.

Time Frame

The process to build an eRoom involves many factors.  Our experience is that one eRoom ranges from 3 hours to 4 days, and two days is the optimal time.  

What's a Template?

An "eRoom Template" is an eRoom that can be reused by many groups and is designated as a template.  This is common when you have many ongoing and similar projects.  By building one eRoom project template, each new project gets its own eRoom.  Not all eRoom Design sessions are for templates, some are just for "single-use" eRooms.

To order this service for onsite delivery or for additional information please contact us.